Personalized "Love is a Choice" Adoption Necklace with Children's Names and Birthstones

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Celebrate Mother's Day or an adoption in the family with this Gotcha Day Gift! The focal point is a 7/8" aluminum disc that I hand stamped with "Love is a Choice" along with the international adoption symbol which I had custom-made into a metal stamp that I designed myself. The three sides of the triangle represent the adoption family, the birth family and the adoptee. The heart symbolizes the love involved in an adoptive relationship.

If you'd like, add a personalized 3/4" silver aluminum disc with an adopted child's hand stamped name and a Swarovski channel crystal birthstone. If you'd like to add more discs to include more children, just choose the number from the dropdown menu. The first choice is JUST for the "love is a choice" disc. The second choice is for the "love is a choice" disc plus one name disc and so on.

The necklace comes with a silver-plated 18" ball chain with a clasp. A bangle bracelet version is also available.

Please let me know the names/initials and birthstone color(s) you need. Up to 18 characters will fit around the edge.


January-Garnet (red)

February-Amethyst (dark purple)

March-Aquamarine (light blue)

April-Diamond (crystal)

May-Emerald (green)

June-Light Amethyst (light purple)

July-Ruby (red)

August-Peridot (light green)

September-Sapphire (blue)

October-Pink Tourmaline (pink)

November-Topaz (mustard yellow)

December-Turquoise/Blue Zircon (turquoise)

Materials: aluminum, swarovski crystal

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