Personalized Grandmother or Mom Necklace with Grandchildren's or Kids' Names

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This personalized necklace captures the names of all the kids in your family! A perfect gift for a mom or grandmother!

- First - decide how much space you'll need. The bottom 1 1/4" washer can fit up to 55 characters, including the hearts between names, and spaces. The top 1" washer can fit up to 35 characters, including the hearts between names, and spaces. I will use either just the large washer, the smaller washer or both depending on the number of characters you choose.

- Second - decide how many Swarovski birthstone channel drops you'd like (For example, in the sample picture, I took out the duplicate birthmonths so the cluster of birthstones would be smaller.) One picture depicts how it would look without any birthstones.

- I hand stamp the names separated by hearts along the rims of the washer. I put jump rings around the washers so that they can rotate, showing all names. Then I hang the cluster of birthstones in the middle of the washer(s) from a split ring.

-The necklace comes on a 24" stainless steel cable chain with clasp, which is long enough to fit over most heads.

Please enter the names and birthstones you'd like in the Text Box.

*Due to the nature of hand stamped jewelry, no two pieces are created exactly alike.


January-Garnet (red)

February-Amethyst (dark purple)

March-Aquamarine (light blue)

April-Diamond (crystal)

May-Emerald (green)

June-Light Amethyst (light purple)

July-Ruby (red)

August-Peridot (light green)

September-Sapphire (blue)

October-Pink Tourmaline (pink)

November-Topaz (mustard yellow)

December-Turquoise/Blue Zircon (turquoise)