Da Mi Basia Mille Celtic Ring - Give Me One Thousand Kisses

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"Da Mi Basia Mille" Give me one thousand kisses: The quote is from the Roman poet Catullus' romantic poem that Jamie recites to Claire in the Outlander series.

I've handstamped it onto an aluminum ring that is 1/4" wide and 3 1/4" long and is adjustable. I hand stamp it using metal stamps, texturize the edges, antique and polish it to a satiny finish; then I form it into twisted wrapped ring.

I've also added design stamps of a celtic knot to remind you of Jamie, Sassenach and the Scottish Highlands.

The default size is 6-8 but if you'd like me to pre-size it for you (size 4 through 13), just leave a number in the Ring Size Box.

Because this is all handstamped, variations will occur in placement and depth of stamping and are part of the unique nature of handstamped jewelry.